• Some time between January and now, a new preview feature was included in Power BI Portal. It’s a new Manage Connections and Gateway window, still in preview. We can access this option on the Settings button. In the past, the connections were related to on-premises data gateways. For each gateway we could create many connections […]
  •   One of the new Extended Event available in SQL Server 2022 is the query_antipattern. This extended event allows to identify anti-patterns on the SQL queries sent to the server.  An anti-pattern in this case is some code that the SQL Server optimizer can’t do a great job optimizing the code (but cannot correct the […]
  • After the great announcement of Microsoft Fabric this week, it’s time to get a trial and start playing with this great product. Microsoft Fabric is a very broad product, so it requires some additional configuration for the start of a trial. Configuring the Tenant By default, the Power BI tenants are disable for Microsoft Fabric. […]
  • .In this blog I will illustrate how we can ingest data from a blob storage to a Microsoft Fabric Data Warehouse using T-SQL. Create a new workspace On the left ribbon, click Workspaces. Click the New Workspace button. Provide a name for the workspace. On advanced configuration, ensure you choose Premium by Capacity, and you […]
  • This article is based on exciting information just released at Microsoft’s Build conference on May 23, 2023. What we have today When Synapse Analytics was created, technical sessions inspired me with some comparisons and explanations, and I reproduced them in my own technical sessions and writing. Synapse was created from a request from many Microsoft […]
  • A company’s Azure environment can easily grow to a level that managing all the objects may become harder. The solution of this problem requires methods to query resources, such as Azure Functions, based on their properties. One of the fetures used for this is the Azure Resource Graph . However, Function Apps configuration is beyond […]
  • Power BI and Azure are two related services, but with a considerable independence between them. Power BI share the Azure Tenant for security management, but in relation to networking, they are in completely different environments. Frequently Power BI needs to access to Azure resources, such as Azure SQL. If we use the easier and most […]
  • The basic differences between Synapse Serverless and the Dedicated pool are obvious: While the serverless doesn’t store data, only access data from storage accounts and scale the MPP environment automatically, the dedicate SQL Pool keeps a static number of servers according to the service level we choose and a constant number of distributions – always […]
  • I wrote about Managed Identity Secrets a few weeks ago, but since that article was published I made new interesting discoveries to add more to these secrets. The combination of possibilities is considerable, and I faced two new situations I hadn’t faced before. Let’s discover the new secrets.   Storage Accounts and Triggers The storage […]
  • CETAS is the acronym for Create External Table As Select. This allow us to export the result of a select to an external table in different formats, such as PARQUET or CSV. We can also convert the format from one external table to another. The SELECT used on the CETAS can be an external table […]

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